Terms of Service is Currently being revised as of 1-11-18.

Commish Guide





  • Once final payment is received, I will send you the following files:
    • HIGH RESOLUTION – For your personal use only
    • SHARE RESOLUTION – Use this smaller version for sharing and posting online.  The smaller version and lower resolution will help prevent artwork theft (ie. unknowns attempting to make prints for themselves)
    • 400 x 400 Avatar version
  • The commission will be complete.  
  • Any additional formatting, revisions or alterations to the artwork after this stage will require a fee.


  • Please mention any changes, revision, details, ad-ons during the initial sketch phases.  Once I start inking/coloring, revisions will incur a fee.
  • Minor revisions are okay – however, please avoid asking me to ‘shorten the skirt a little’ then all of a sudden decide to ‘make it longer again’ after seeing the revised version.  It will add up to the time to finish.  Limit minor changes to 5 throughout the project.
  • Any revisions, alterations, edits etc. *AFTER* the commission is complete and the final files are sent will require a fee.


RULES (Yes…there are rules)

  • The prices listed commissions are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This means no making profit of the art in any form such as printing and selling merchandise made from the hi-res files or use in a commercial brand. However, you may use the artwork as your social-media avatars, RP’s, etc.
  • Commissions for commercial use, please contact me directly.
  • I retain the right to post the artwork on my personal websites and social media sites and use them to promote my services.
  • Credit for the artwork is much appreciated and definitely sharing it with your friends and family would be awesome!   🙂



  • I specialize in humanoid based characters. 
    • Mecha and super complex aliens or lifeforms may take some time to complete as a commission.  NSFW and some R-18 stuff are open for discussion.
  • I ask that you allow me a degree of artistic freedom when working on your commission. 
    • (Especially, when it comes to armor and wardrobe, a slight adjustment, or a little flair may find its way in the drawing. It will be subtle and the ‘feel’ of the character will still be there).
  • Please do not ask me to completely change my art style or to carbon copy someone else’s style.
    • I’ve had requests for these before and it really felt impersonal and did not leave a good feeling after the work was done. It’s not about the money.
  • Please do not complain about my pricing or compare prices with other artists.
    • It’s not fair to both artists.  Time, effort and resources are put in each commissioned artwork it is not an automated and impersonal process.


  • Because of the nature of the product, I will not be able to offer a full refund especially once work has started.  I would have already put in the time, effort and resources required to complete a task.
  • I am really hoping that we would not come to this point 🙂

Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.